Channel 4’s ‘The Hotel’

There has been much speculation in the media and on social networks recently regarding Channel 4’s upcoming series, ‘The Hotel’. Fans of the show will be aware that the last two series were filmed at a nearby hotel on Belgrave Road, the Grosvenor. The show made celebrities out of people like owner-manager Mark Jenkins and receptionist Alison and had five million viewers during the last series.

We can confirm that we have been approached and agreed to become the next hotel to be featured in the series. However, beyond this we cannot say much further. For legal reasons we are not allowed to say when the series will be filmed, whether stars from the last show will be involved or not, or indeed any other details. We think it’s going to be a great show and we wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you!

We are not permitted to comment further on any of this recent speculation and media inquiries should be directed to Channel 4’s press office.

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