Postcard from 1971

It’s amazing what you find on eBay. While listing some bargains there last week, I found this fantastic postcard of the hotel’s swimming pool from back in 1971:

The Swimming Pool, 1971

It’s surprising how little has changed – the view is almost identical. The terracotta roof at the far end of the pool is still there (though the bar was removed some time in the early 1990s), though there are now steps up to the first floor and there is now access to the gardens from a flight of steps on the right hand side. This photograph of course dates from the time when part of the building formed the old Clarence Court Hotel, so these new features date from when the hotels were amalgamated. Of course I couldn’t resist this bargain little purchase, so I bought the postcard so we could display it in reception. The back of the postcard reads:

A message from 'Willie'

A message from ‘Willie’

‘Having a nice time here the weather and the food is great. I hope it’s as nice for your holidays. Love Willie.’

I’ll keep my eyes out for more and I’ll post details of any more that I find.


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